“It’s been said that louder is better. That’s long pass…
After years of trying our best to play at deafening volumes, growing calluses on our eardrums (if we still have them), and blowing roofs off our houses, in an attempt to reach that sweet spot in tone – there seems to be a migration, if not a trend, towards low wattage amps.
We discovered that we can indeed enjoy tone, not long after it. We discovered that there is a whole world where simplicity is still the secret ingredient of pure, organic results. Why not enjoy healthy, true, unmistakable tone with an identity of a long-lost era at sane volumes?”

Gabriel Bucataru – founder of Gabriel Sound Garage

Justin Ostrander, Nashville:
“I have been playing for 12 or 13 years, and I just moved to Nashville to play music full time. If the amp were lost or stolen, I would find a way to get another one.” read more

Mike Scheuchzer, MercyMe:
“I just pulled mine out of the box this morning and am in the studio recording of all things, a Christmas record in April!!! Straight out of the box this amp sounds incredible….the cab is a 2-12 loaded 1 celestion blue, and one celestion greenback. All I can say is WOW!!!!…” read more

Lyle Workman, LA Session ace and STING 2005-2006 tour guitar player:
“The Vis a great sounding, well thought out little beast. It’s dynamically responsive and is a joy to play through. The added bonus of gain controls on a footswitch is a genius idea and adds to it’s versatility. This one’s a winner!” read more

Brad Wigg, The Afters:
“Cool thing is that I can use an A/B switch to go from Bright to Normal at any time just like having two amps. But I DON’T have two amps. I have one amp that is very, very lightweight and portable. And soooooo pretty. It’s like looking at a formula one race car.” read more

Neil Greenhaw, Nashville:
“I finally have an amp that can do blues, rock, or simple clean Jazz. This head has the 2 most sought after tones…” read more

Ernie Santella, Santella Productions:
“The amp has really surprised other players. They love the tones I can get out of it, especially with just rolling the volume back on the guitar. Great touch-sensitivity too. Sounds great with a variety of guitars…” read more

Gregg Scott, Seattle:
“I been playing many years and I am glad I found the V18. There is really nothing that erks me about this amp. It makes me happy….” read more

Tyler Crow, Seattle:
“I’ve played lots of boutique amps in my day and this one hangs with the big dogs, if not chases them off the porch!…” read more

Bob Tekippe, Vintage Guitar Magazine:
“I review alot of amps for Vintage Guitar Magazine and some are great and some are not so great. Some I choose not to review at all. Once and awhile one comes along which I cannot live without and the Gabriel Vis one…” read more

Pete Anderson, (Grammy Award-winning Guitarist/Producer):
“Just the right amount of GRIT – Great for Blues…. Love the harmonic sweep in the back of the amp – From tight to loose harmonic distortion. Outstanding…” read more

Mike Scheuchzer, MercyMe:
“These amps are so great to record with…we’re in a studio FULL of great amps at our disposal. So far I’ve only used my ’66 AC30 on 1 song and everything else so far has been my V18, or my new low carb 1×10!!! We actually used the little guy on Jim’s wurli too and it sounded amazing!!!” read more

Terry Buddingh, Guitar World magazine:
“With its splendid range of colorful and lively tones, the Gabriel V33 is superb representative of this trend and proof that Western decadence maybe isn’t so bad after all.”[news]

Dan Weller, Studio and Touring Musician:
“likely be passing this one on to my son many years down the road.” read more

Barry Graul, MercyMe Guitarist, played with Whiteheart, DC Talk, worked with Michael Sweet, Whitecross, and Halo:
“Being a fan of higher wattage amps, I was extremely excited to hear Gabi was making the V33. I was not let down. I love having 2 usable channels and really being able to hear the difference between them. This amp rocks!!!.” read more

Hector Cervantes, lead guitarist for Casting Crowns:
” It is the sweetest sounding amp I’ve ever heard. On top of incredible tone, Gabriel is one of the most accommodating guys I’ve worked with. He takes pride in whathe builds and it shows.” read more

Todd Fleeman, Gabriel V33 owner:
“Gabi, I want to tell you that I’ve had many custom amps and custom guitars built for me from very reputable companies such as Divided By 13, 65 Amps, Splawn and Wizard. So far you have been BY FAR the most pleasurable to deal with. I can’t wait to hear the amp. I hope I like it as much as I’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Dan Weller, Nashville session player:
“I just wanted to say AGAIN – I’ve never been so happy with an amp before in my life!! I’m beyond inspired – using this amp I’m able to keep excited & creative the entire duration of a 4-hour gig. I love playing live, but after playing mostly artist shows the past several years I haven’t been this psyched to play for 4 hours since I was first starting out – find myself bummed when we take a break and really looking forward to the next set. The amp simply sounds/feels/responds amazing. I’m already looking forward to the next marathon gig. Also, a new favorite combo is a stock cheapie Danelectro U2 and the Voxer 18. Fun guitars for goofing around but this one just sounds killer through the Voxer. Freaky good stuff!”[read more]

Gabriel Bucataru, Gabriel Sound Garage Guy:
“Mass produced guitar amps are for the masses. Hand-made amps are only for the few…”