::Gabriel Sound Garage – V18 LoCARB::

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  • Cathode biased 18w Class AB (2x EL84) push-pull
  • EF86 pentode AC15-ish channel
  • EZ81 rectifier
  • CONTOUR six position tone control
  • Dual speaker output
  • 4,8 and 16 ohm speaker selector
  • 120/220/240 VAC voltage selector
  • 15″W x 7-1/2″H x 8″D
  • 18 lbs weight

V18 watt LowCarb

The younger brother of the famed V18 now in a lite version. A single channel version of the identical V18, precisely the AC15-ish EF86 pentode channel with the same: CUT – CONTOUR – GAIN TONE & VOLUME controls. Brings back the much sought after chimey, yet beefy rich tone of the late ’60’s era. Match it with a 2×12″ Gabriel cabinet with a Celestion AlNiCo Blue and a greenback and you have a killer weapon in your arsenal!

Powered by 2x EL84 tubes

Characteristic to Class AB amplifiers, the dual EL84 tubes deliver the much coveted overdrive which is distinct from the “hi-gain” amps that have it formed in the preamp tubes instead. The result is a pure, mud-free overdrive with rich overtones that get fatter with every notch on the volume dial..

Happy V18 LC Users

Mike Scheuchzer, MercyMe:
“I just pulled mine out of the box this morning and am in the studio recording (…) Straight out of the box this amp sounds incredible (…) the cab is a 2-12 loaded 1 celestion blue, and one celestion greenback. All I can say is WOW!!!!…” [read more]

Trey Hill of SonicFLOOD

Trey Hill’s rig

MERCURY MAGNETICS Output Transformer Upgrade

V18 & 33 MERCURY MAGNETICS Output Transformer Upgrades
now offered as a result of testing and as a growing request from our customers. Check upgrade prices here.

Sound Bites

Please note that these clips do not and cannot represent the amp’s tone accurately since there are so many variables that affect the recorded tone from the speaker cabinet to your computer speakers. These are here only to give you a hint of what the amp actually sounds like.

Fire – Full length studio recordings using the V18w
Provided by Kevin Paul (Stik)

Heard it through The Grapevine – Full length studio recordings using the V18w
Provided by Kevin Paul (Stik)