::Gabriel Sound Garage – V18 (rear)::

(from left to right)

6 – position tone selector (from thin to beefy-er) commonly found on DC30 models. Enables you to bring in several different tone characters from less bassy almost Fender-ish tone, to full frequency spectrum. Very versatile in a studio setting where you can recall certain dialed tones with only a click or two. Recording engineers love this feature since they will not have to mess with mic positioning each time you record a different song.

Insert the ¼” Dual Gain Footswitch jack here. Once in, you control your Gain settings from the Dual Gain Footswitch controls. At this point the front GAIN control is taken out of the circuit. Once removed, the front GAIN control becomes active.

Parallel ¼” speaker outputs. Please check the available Gabriel Speaker Cabinets. You can insert one or two (same impedance) speaker cabinets here. Only make sure you set the IMPEDANCE SELECTOR (4, 8 or 16 ohms) to the right settings. If you want to connect more than one speaker cabinet to the amp, make sure they have the same impedance. In this case take the impedance and divide it by two (only valid if both cabinets have the same impedance). For example, if you have two 16 ohms impedance cabs, take that impedance (16 ohms) and divide it by two and you will get 8 ohms. Set your IMPEDANCE SELECTOR to 8 ohms and you are ready to go!
Avoid connecting two different impedance cabinets (such as 8 ohms and the other 16 ohms) to the amp since this results in a mismatched impedance not available from the IMPEDANCE SELECTOR, thus possibly damaging the amp’s power tubes and/or output transformer. Not fun…

Speaker load impedance selector. Set your speaker cab impedance here (4, 8 or 16 ohms).

Insert your power cord’s IEC plug here. Please use the provided Gabriel hi-grade Power Cord.

Touring artists love this feature. Makes life easier touring in countries that use 230V AC or 240V AC on their wall outlets. Only make sure you carry the right power cord plug that goes with that country’s standards.

The 2A fuse keeps things secure in case something may go wrong. Please replace only with the exact type fuse (2A).