The Dual Footswitch*

Ever wanted to be free of messing with your fingers to roll back (or up) your guitar volume for your rhythm/lead settings? Now easily done with the Gabriel Dual Gain Footswitch that features two Gain controls on the Footswitch itself from where you set two desired levels (for example, one lower for any rhythm or clean tones and one up high for full throttle overdriven leads) and just switch between these two.

The Dual Gain Footswitch does not alter the Guitar tone in ANY way since it is wired right after your Guitar Input on the BRIGHT channel (only) on the V18, V18 LC or V33.

No extra gain stages, no extra tubes that might hinder the true character of your guitar tone. Think of it as your REMOTE Guitar Volume…

The front GAIN knob (on the amp) has the same exact role as those on the Dual Gain Footswitch, and is taken out of the circuit once the footswitch jack is inserted in the rear of the amp. In case you go to a gig and discover that you forgot to take your nifty Dual Gain Footswitch with you, don’t panic – you will still be able to control the amount of Gain from the GAIN knob on the front control panel of your amp.

Gain Switch Demo on Bright Channel.
Channel settings: Cut 6, Gain switch between 2 and 8, Tone 6.5, Vol 8, Contour D. Here, I am using the Grosh Retro Classic strat set on the bridge pickup (Fralin Steel Pole 43). I am playing the same riff four times. I switch gain levels via the footswitch after each time through the riff. Provided by Justin Ostrander

* The Gabriel Dual Footswitch is active only on the BRIGHT channel (on the EF86 pentode driven channel)

Hi-Grade Cords

POWER and SPEAKER CORDS are often overlooked by many as being somewhat not that important – they only provide the different connections and that’s all.

Little do we know how critical these are in a touring artist rig setting where physical strain is applied daily to them in a constant manner leading to short circuits, damaging the amp, or broken connections that are simply not fun to deal with when all you should really be thinking of is your gig. In our Sound Garage we just cannot afford to take this lightly.

POWER CORDS are made out of hi-grade 16Ga/3 conductor cable with thick rubberized insulation. On top of this, there is a matching color braided sleeve jacket applied on this cord. Plugs are heavy-duty, withstanding multiple uses and beat ups. The power cords are 8′ long.

SPEAKER CORDS shipped with the Gabriel head amps are made out of durable 16Ga/2 conductor MONSTERβ„’ 3′ long cable with two ΒΌ NEUTRIKβ„’ jacks. Extremely durable.


* Shipped with every Gabriel amp model.

The Gabriel Picks

Enhance your chops with these .73mm (M) Gabriel picks made out of matching color for your Bumblebee color scheme amp! These picks feel incredibly comfortable and they have just the right feel for your licks!